Participation Guidelines

We consider the RidePSTA blog to be an honest, ongoing conversation about PSTA and its work. But the blog isn’t much of a conversation if our readers aren’t talking to us.

So we highly encourage you to provide your feedback through comments and e-mail, and we welcome the diverse range of opinions that you have to share.

That being said, we’ve got a few ground rules to keep the conversation running smoothly and to ensure a positive experience for all our readers.

Everyone participating on the RidePSTA blog is expected to follow these rules, which are:

Respect everyone

A good conversation requires participants who are considerate to each other. So please be polite and treat everyone who you refer to with respect, including PSTA, its family of partners, and its staff. We won’t tolerate attacks, and we’ll definitely remove any content that advocates or encourages expressions of violence, bigotry, racism, or hatred.

Keep it clean

Keep your posts free of profanity and obscenity. All kinds of people come to the blog, and we want everyone to feel comfortable reading or participating in the discussion.

Be constructive

A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down. Please try to focus on what we can do to help you instead of simply taking out your frustrations on us!

Don’t misinform or mislead

We will remove any comments that make obviously false or unsubstantiated allegations.

No marketing

The RidePSTA blog isn’t the place to market your business or sell your services.

Don’t spam

We want to entertain all legitimate comments, but we don’t want anyone to overwhelm the conversation by hammering us with repeat messages or dragging topics completely off-course. So, we will remove any instances of spamming: specifically, comments that do not fit the topic of the post, excessive commenting (commenting multiple times in succession within the same post), or cross-posting (providing the same comment in multiple blog posts).

Don’t break the law

Illegal content or behavior is not allowed on the RidePSTA blog. Don’t link or post any copyrighted or pornographic material, and don’t engage in behaviors like harassment, impersonation, intimidation, or abuse. PSTA is not responsible for any use of material posted by users.


If you’re an employee of PSTA, please identify yourself as such whenever participating in the discussion.

The last resort

We don’t really want to have to do this, but at its sole discretion, PSTA will warn, suspend, and if necessary permanently ban commenters that continue to ignore, flaunt or disregard these guidelines.


Remember, comments, e-mails, tweets and the like will be responded to during normal business hours (around 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday), unless your host finds herself otherwise occupied. You should know too that as a government agency PSTA is subject to public record laws of the state of Florida — so, anything you write here becomes a public record.

6 responses to “Participation Guidelines

  1. betazed

    Any policy of removing comments that are not patently offensive adversely affects an equal dialog. Please, instead, provide clear information that corrects or refutes misinformation. This gives PSTA the upper hand in that it doesn’t appear to be silencing anyone, it disarms those who would mislead and it educates the public with the proper information.

  2. @betazed You’re right: we certainly won’t stifle conversation and debate! We do expect civilized discourse, and these guidelines are meant to encourage that, not suppress it. Thanks!

  3. Richard Gustafson

    With the need so great and with so vetrans returning trying to reassimalate themselves back into the workforce and homelife why can’t psta adopt a progam like Miamis’ patriot pass which allows vets under income to ride the transit system got free?

    • While we don’t have a program that is specific to veterans, we do offer discounted passes to those with qualifying diabilities. And, there are several county-sponsored programs that offer deeply discounted passes to those citizens with limited incomes. Thanks!

  4. Cutomer friendly businesses not only seek to increase business but to address concerns that tend to alienate customers and reduce patronage. PSTA loses riders every time a bus breaks down or is involved in an accident and all the passengers on that route are left waiting an additional hour rain or shine because the bus is not replaced as it once was. Lose your job for being an hour late or find youself charged for a doctor’s appointment you couldn’t make or just stand in the rain for an additional 60 minutes and it’s likely you’ll be looking for alternate transportation. Time to return to customer friendly times when drivers and buses were waiting to plug
    routes routes that lost a bus. Time to KEEP customers.

  5. I must be one of the very fortunate people . I have never waited on a bus that was an hour late for arrival .

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