Transit Matters to Families

For the month of February, we’d like to share some stories with you about families and public transit. Every day moms, dads, sisters, brothers, sons, and daughters board PSTA buses to make their way around the county. Many of these family members travel together, and some families turn it into an adventure.

The Sorenson family uses public transit as a way to get quality time with the kids. Here’s their story, as told by dad Carl Sorenson:

Sorenson family

Not long ago I found myself in a situation where telecommuting for work was no longer an option. This happened right at the same time that I was purchasing a house in St. Petersburg. I suddenly found myself travelling to Manatee County five days a week – too much for me. So, last year I started a new job in downtown St. Pete – and what a commute I have now!

One way I can have more fun, happy time with the kids is with our new morning routine. I don’t take the twins to preschool every day, but I generally will if the weather is at all nice. I have often been taking the kids to school in the morning via a walk on the Pinellas Trail and a bus ride on the PSTA Route 23. The kids have such nice daddy time when I walk on the trail with them and we look at birds and squirrels and talk about anything at all. We have a lot of fun on the bus (which I learned is wide enough that they can lie down end-to-end on the back row with room to spare!). Usually while waiting for the school to open they will pretend to be penguins or dogs or roosters or something (they’re four). We have had some very fun and silly mornings this way.

After dropping off the kids at school, I can take the next bus to my new job downtown. People usually ask if I save money by taking the bus. It’s possible, but the downtown job location and the bus commute really are lifestyle choices that make me happy.

People often assume that the bus is what you use when you don’t have other options, but when I explain how rich my mornings are they understand a bit why I love making this a part of my lifestyle. Actually, even beyond my time with the kids, riding with other people helps me to feel connected to the community.

The bus brings together all sorts, and we are literally all in it together for a few minutes each day.

To learn more about the Sorenson family, please check out Carl’s blog.

Does your family enjoy riding the bus together? Send your story to



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2 responses to “Transit Matters to Families

  1. Reblogged this on Public Transit As Told By HARTride 2012 and commented:
    It’s not just individuals that use transit, there are entire families that hop aboard the bus, train, or ferry to get from A to B.

  2. My eight year old daughter absolutely loves riding with me. She gets really excited. I will be nice when the stigma of riding the bus because you have no other option is gone. Believe it or not, it’s relaxing for some people Especially if your not in a rush to get home. With the new WiFi feature on PSTA buses, I can actually get more work done (as I work online also).

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