High School Students Can Earn a FREE Trip to Washington, D.C.


The American Public Transportation Association is inviting high school juniors and seniors interested in careers in public transportation, to apply for an all-expense paid (by APTA) trip to our nation’s capital. The trip is part of APTA’s 4th biennial Transportation Youth Summit to advance education and promote careers in public transportation.

PSTA and APTA leaders are quick to point out that public transportation continues playing a significant role in finding solutions to numerous challenges facing America today – just it has throughout our history.  “Whether it’s creating and supporting job growth, a cleaner environment, energy independence, alternatives to automobile ownership or a better quality of life; where public transportation goes, community grows,” says APTA Director of Media Relations Virginia Miller. Recent studies have shown that both millennials and empty-nest Baby Boomers are now choosing urbanized living over suburbs and transportation options are a big reason why. “Since 1995, public transit ridership is up by more than 37 percent in the United States and that has outpaced both population growth and vehicle miles traveled,” adds Miller.  Through programs such as the 2015 Youth Summit, APTA officials are working with younger generations to help meet the growing demand for public transit.

APTA will be selecting a diverse group of 50 students from across the nation to participate in the youth summit, which will be held in Washington, DC, June 28th through July 2nd, 2015. Students will explore the educational and environmental benefits of public transportation as well as seeing, first hand, how communities benefit from increased transportation services.  They’ll also learn how local and federal policies affect public transit use and development.  In addition, the students will learn about the educational and career opportunities awaiting them in the public transportation industry.

Those selected will enjoy an all-expenses-paid opportunity that includes:

  • Five days in the nation’s capital
  • Meeting lawmakers and congressional leaders
  • Exploring the range of exciting career paths within the transit industry
  • Learning how public transportation helps shape a brighter future
  • Participating in hands-on local transit tours
  • Interaction with peers from across the country who are also interested in public transportation
  • Residing in a university campus venue

The summit is for rising high school sophomores and juniors (those who will be juniors and seniors in fall, 2015). Applications can be found at http://www.apta.com/youthsummit/Pages/default.aspx and are due by Friday, February 13, 2015. Completed applications can be submitted via email to students@apta.com or by fax to (202) 496-4323.


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  1. Reblogged this on Public Transit As Told By HARTride 2012 and commented:
    Did you hear that? If you’re a Junior or Senior in high school, you could earn a FREE trip to a youth summit in Washington D.C.! All thanks to the American Public Transportation Association! Please read PSTA’s blog post for further information and how you can apply.

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