County Commission to Hold Hearing on Greenlight Pinellas Referendum

Who:  Pinellas Board of County Commissioners
What: Hosting a public hearing on placing a referendum for a 1% sales tax for transit on the November 4, 2014 ballot
When: Tuesday, December 10, 2013 6:00 PM
Where:  County Courthouse, 5th Floor, 315 Court Street, Clearwater, FL

Tomorrow evening, December 10, 2013, members from the Greenlight Pinellas Council will formally ask the Pinellas Board of County Commissioners to place a referendum for a 1% transit sales surtax on the November 4, 2014 ballot. That request will also be accompanied by a public hearing, scheduled for 6:00 PM, on the proposed funding change for the county’s transit system.

The referendum, if approved, will ask voters to change transit funding in Pinellas County from its current .7305 mil property tax to a one percent sales tax. The following is the current draft ballot language agreed upon by both PSTA and Pinellas County officials:

Title: Levy of Countywide One Percent Sales Surtax to FundGreenlight Pinellas Plan for Public Transit.

Summary: Shall the improvement, construction, operation, maintenance and financing of public transit benefitting Pinellas County, including an expanded bus system with bus rapid transit, increased frequency and extended hours, local passenger rail and regional connections be funded by levying a one percent sales surtax from January 1, 2016, until repealed, with proceeds initially deposited in a dedicated trust fund?

_______ YES, for the 1% sales surtax

_______ NO, against the 1% sales surtax

To learn more about the new, comprehensive transit improvement plan called Greenlight Pinellas, along with supporting study documentation, visit


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