Transit Update from the CEO – July 2013

Each month, PSTA’s CEO puts together a summary of topics discussed at the Board of Directors meeting. Here is that report from the July 25th meeting:

Greenlight Pinellas Bus Plan    

  • Greenlight Pinellas LogoAfter more than a year of rider surveys & dozens of public meetings, PSTA’s consultant presented their recommendations for the future Pinellas bus system that responds to a variety of funding scenarios.
  • No matter the funding, the scenarios are designed to provide the most efficient, sustainable network of transit services that funding can support.

The PSTA Board was presented with 2 options today:

  • Plan A: New Revenue Scenario – where today’s PSTA bus service would be expanded by 65% if voters approve the 1% sales tax in 2014.
  • Plan B: No New Revenue Scenario – where 28% of today’s service would be cut in 2017. Routes would be eliminated or run less frequently and Saturday and Sunday service would be substantially reduced.

 Darkness of Blue Lines Represent Frequency of Service

Plan A New RevenueORPlan B No New

Pinellas Park Transit Center

pinellas parkUnfortunately, construction bids to build a new PSTA Transit Center along 70th Avenue in Pinellas Park received last week came in over budget so the Board deferred action until a later date.

Brad Miller
Chief Executive Officer
Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA)


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