The 411 on Greenlight

Greenlight \ˈgrēn-ˌlīt\ (transitive verb): : authority or permission to proceed (source

Greenlight Pinellas LogoBy now, you may have heard of Greenlight Pinellas — it’s the conversation we’ve started with the citizens in Pinellas about transportation in our county. Our goal is to talk with you about what our future could look like with more frequent bus service, longer service hours, express services, Bus Rapid Transit routes, community circulators, and eventually, a light rail line from downtown Clearwater to the Carillon/Gateway area to downtown St. Petersburg.

Simply stated, our future is bright! We’ve been planning for a long time in Pinellas – more than 30 years – and now is the time to move our county forward and provide better, more reliable transit services.

ask a question graphicSo, the Greenlight Pinellas project is our way of sharing information with you about what we will be able to do if we get the additional funding that would come with the approval of a sales tax referendum that you’ll see on the ballot in November 2014. Greenlight is intended to share plan information, answer questions, and engage the public (including civic organizations and businesses). We have a snazzy new website that will be our information center, and we are already going out into the community giving presentations and talking to people about this project.

Our mission is critical: without a new funding source PSTA will have to cut service by 30% starting in 2016, with subsequent cuts in following years. Be assured, the goal of Greenlight Pinellas is not to tell you how to vote; rather, it is to tell you how we plan to improve transportation if we are able to move forward.

I invite you to visit the website, read about the plans (which are still in the works), ask a question, request a speaker… get informed, join the conversation, and get involved in our future!

Your Editor,
Cyndi Raskin-Schmitt
Manager of Communications


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