Transit Update from the CEO – April 2013

Each month, PSTA’s CEO puts together a summary of topics discussed at the Board of Directors meeting. Here is that report from the April 24th meeting:

Greenlight Pinellas Plan Outreach Initiative

  • Greenlight Pinellas LogoThe PSTA Board approved the Greenlight Pinellas Plan Outreach Initiative to engage the Pinellas community about transit improvement plans.
  • Greenlight Pinellas is designed to be a public engagement process that promotes a transparent and inclusive public dialogue.
  • This summer, the Greenlight Pinellas effort will convene three public committees representing businesses, civic groups, and government leaders to review and provide input to the transit and land use plans as they are completed.
  • It is anticipated that a single, viable plan including financial and accountability components will emerge from the Greenlight Pinellas process, fully vetted by all sectors of the Pinellas Community, before it returns to the Pinellas County Commission to officially vote on placing before the voters in November 2014.

 Pinellas Community Bus Plan

  • optimalnetworkPSTA approved an “Optimal Scenario” whereby the Pinellas bus system would be ultimately converted from the current low-frequency, hub based system to a high-frequency grid-based transit network.
  • Alternative No New Revenue and 1% Sales Tax revenue bus service scenarios will be considered in the next few months.

Texting & Riding is a Hit
(and Totally Legal!) 

  • textingPSTA Riders are texting PSTA 5,000 times a day to find out where their buses are.

Brad Miller
Chief Executive Officer
Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA)



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2 responses to “Transit Update from the CEO – April 2013

  1. Bard

    Does that mean the buses are late 5000 times a day?

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