Press Release: PSTA Leaders to Demo Double-Length Buses this Friday

For immediate release March 13, 2013

Who: Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA) leaders, local elected officials and staff
What: Examining a new 60 foot, articulated hybrid bus
Why: As an option to address current, standing-room-only demand on numerous bus routes
When: March 15, 2013 at 10:00 a.m.
Where:  Coachman Park parking lot, 301 Drew Street in Clearwater

BC Transit Articulated Bus

An articulated bus in the fleet at BC Transit

You are cordially invited to join PSTA and area leaders on a tour and demonstration ride in one of the most advanced transit vehicles on the planet – this Friday morning at Coachman Park in Clearwater. PSTA staff and local officials will gather at 10:00 am along the waterfront to evaluate a brand new, American made, articulated diesel-electric hybrid bus from New Flyer.

With standing-room-only loads on many bus routes, PSTA leaders are now considering investing in larger buses to accommodate the record-setting demand for transit. Without additional funding to increase bus service or frequency, these new, double length, fuel-efficient vehicles may be the agency’s only option to ease system overcrowding. Please join us for a sneak peek at what the future of transit may look like in Pinellas County.

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9 responses to “Press Release: PSTA Leaders to Demo Double-Length Buses this Friday

  1. betazed

    But how will they fit at Grand Central Station where the platforms are designed for 40 foot buses?

    • We’re still in the early ‘let’s check this out and see if it’s remotely an option’ stage. If we were to move forward with a purchase, it would take several months before vehicles could be built and delivered. We would use that time to figure out the sort of logistics you’re talking about.

  2. Diane

    So glad to see this!!!

  3. One thing I want to point out. In the caption of the NFI E60LFR picture, you’ve labelled it as being in the BC Transit fleet, but it’s actually part of the TransLink (Metro Vancouver) fleet.

    Apart from that, this is exciting news. I’ll echo the comment about finding space for a 60-ft bus in the transit centers currently designed for 40-ft buses, but like you said, that can be dealt with later on in the process.

  4. R

    Went to check out this bus st Coachman Park….but as we were arriving(@ 10:30) the bus passed us on Drew st. We drove on down to the water to find NOTHING! Not gov. Officials…no PSTA Representitives….no spectators…..guess no one was interested…..or not enough promation of the event was done.

    • The event started at 10:00 and we had a great crowd of elected officials, PSTA staff, a couple of members of the public, and a reporter/camera-person from Bay News 9. I’m sorry we missed you!

  5. Here in Seattle, WA They already have these types of Buses.. There is one that is great.. Its called the Rapid Ride.. and its just used for one bus route.. But, the ones you are trying out.. are like these they have here also.. and they really do hold a lot of people.. We just don’t have Transit stops. Its all street pick-up…

    And now that I live in Tacoma,WA Its a lot different.. They have transit stops.. and its a lot different. And the buses they use here are a lot smaller, I’m sure due to less Occupancy..

    But, what I’m impressed about with your bus system, is your looking to buy more, I’m sure due to more Customer Riders. As I would be one of those riders if I ever get myself down there…. LOL..

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