Bus Buzz Episode 2: Busting the Empty Bus Myth

Last year PSTA launched a new video series called Bus Buzz. Our second episode went live on January 25th and is seeing a huge positive response. Titled “Busting the Empty Bus Myth,” the video tackles one of those pervasive myths that we hear all the time. See people think buses run empty, and that’s just not true. We had more than 14,000,000 boardings last year – you can’t do that with empty buses.

What I think happens is a person might see the same bus in the same place every day and it might not be full; but, what that person doesn’t realize is that 20 people just got off at a stop two blocks away where they go to work (like they do every day). That bus could run less-than-full for a couple of blocks then pick up several people in front of a retail store, then several more in front of a medical clinic – it will pick up and drop off people all day long. Anyhow, here’s the video, see the proof for yourself and know that our buses are packed!

Your Editor,
Cyndi Raskin-Schmitt
Manager of Communications


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