Hey Developers, we have open data!

As part of PSTA’s exciting new Real Time Bus Information system, we’ve decided to make our data “open.” That means software and app developers can access our Real Time data and use it in apps that will help others get the information they need or want about PSTA bus service.

We won’t tell anyone what to develop or how to do it, but we do have a whole section of our website dedicated to Developers which includes some helpful tips. The information provided through data feeds includes static schedule and service data using an open standard, and APIs that can get you up-to-the-minute information from RidePSTA.net (PSTA Real Time Bus Information).

We know there’s a demand for this type of app, and we’re really hoping that there are millions of developers out there who will want to create some for PSTA (yes, “millions of developers” is unrealistic, but surely there are a few, right?!).

So, hop to it! We’re excited to see what you come up with!

Your Editor,
Cyndi Raskin-Schmitt


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One response to “Hey Developers, we have open data!

  1. Jason Stephens

    I know I like the real time for the trolleys, and some interior routes like 59 off Indian Rocks. I know just the person who might be able to do it. She’s a fellow trolleyer on Indian Rocks and good with computers and gaming. I am using my Droid, and she has an Iphone and Ipad. We might try to help you out. But in all seriousness, find the the local HS techie nerd, and bribe him with a new gaming platform and $20. He/she will do it quickly and inexpensively…..

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