Sometimes you have to pat yourself on the back…

Mia Kabigting, our award-winning web designer, along with PSTA Director of Marketing Janet Recca

We’d like to take a moment to congratulate your award winning Marketing Department for once again being commended for excellence! PSTA was recently recognized by the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council’s annual Future of the Region Awards for our outstanding website. If you haven’t visited lately, I invite you to swing by and hang out for awhile.

What does the Marketing Department do besides take care of the website, you ask? Well, we write this blog for one, along with sharing lots of great articles and links on other social media platforms (like Twitter and Facebook). We go out to local civic organizations, businesses, schools, neighborhoods, etc. and share bus information with the community. This takes the form of giving “how to ride” type presentations, setting up tables at community events and sharing bus information, and bringing buses to Touch A Truck events. Our Community Relations Manager stays in contact with our local media outlets to share good news stories, creates informational videos, and conducts public outreach efforts (like presentations and the survey we’re doing right now for north county). The Marketing Department staff designs timetables and schedule boards in the bus shelters, informational posters, brochures, maps – any and all printed materials. We write the copy for all of these pieces, plus articles that are often printed in trade publications. Our Customer Relations Manager has a staff of Customer Service Representatives who answer the InfoLine and give bus information, and sell tickets and provide bus info at the terminals.

In addition to marketing and public relations efforts that promote PSTA, Marketing Department staff also sells bus advertising. Since we sell these ads in-house, PSTA gets 100% of the revenue (most transit agencies hire an outside agency who takes a cut of the revenue). With a tight budget like we’ve had for the past several years, additional money coming into PSTA helps ease that squeeze just a little.

PSTA is very proud of the Marketing Department (full disclosure: your editor is, of course, part of the department, so perhaps a wee bit biased in this opinion). As a group they have consistently been recognized with various industry awards. Here is a list of just a few of the projects that have won awards recently:

  • New Bus Stop Sign
  • SmartBus Design
  • Website
  • Social Media Program
  • Pick Up the Phone TV Commercial
  • GO Card Promotional Bus Poster
  • Dump the Pump Campaign
  • Ambassador Program

We do good work, so thanks for letting us take this moment to pat ourselves on the back!

Your Editor,
Cyndi Raskin-Schmitt


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One response to “Sometimes you have to pat yourself on the back…

  1. grunch

    i can see the bias..but we luv the marketing folks

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