Introducing Bus Buzz

We are are proud to announce the unveiling of the PSTA’s new informational video series called Bus Buzz! The first episode (which can also be found on our YouTube channel), features 2011 Driver of the Year Vance Wegner sharing tips  that will help you avoid being passed by the bus.

“Recent surveys show that most of our riders now have smart phones,” says Director of Marketing Janet Recca. “So we figured why not put together some web videos that they could easily access to get the information they need.” Employees suggested names for the new videos and we decide to go with Bus Buzz.

Last year PSTA provided a record setting 13.1 million rides. This year, with exploding tourism and soaring gas prices, that number is sure to climb and along with it, the number of customers calling PSTA’s InfoLine (727-540-1900) with questions about riding the bus. “When gas approached $4.00/gallon, some days it sounded like our Customer Service Representatives were talking to every rider at once,” says Bob Lasher, PSTA Manager of Community Relations. That’s why we hope that the power of the Internet and Bus Buzz will help answer questions commonly asked by the public.

We have a great  list of topics for future episodes, but invite you to submit ideas as well. Questions and ideas can be posted here as comments, or submitted to

Your Editor,
Cyndi Raskin-Schmitt

*This post is a modified version of a press release written by Bob Lasher*


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