Live, work, or play in northern Pinellas County? Help us design new bus service!

PSTA is asking for public input to help develop several, innovative, new transit routes in northern Pinellas  County. The new services — which we’ll call Regional Connector Routes — will use 16-person mini-buses operating on regularly scheduled routes. What makes these routes special is that you’ll be able to call us in advance and arrange to be picked up off the route – up to 3/4 of a mile from the route’s regular path. After your pickup the bus returns to the scheduled route and will connect to various destinations including other PSTA, HART and PCPT bus routes.

This is the type of bus that we have on order to operate the Regional Connector Routes. It will, of course, have PSTA logos and a variation of the swooping arch that is on our regular buses.

To help us make this service a success, we’re inviting residents in northern Pinellas County to fill out a short survey so we can learn more about the way you travel in and around the area — please click here to participate! We will use the information gathered in the survey to develop the routing, destinations and operating times that are most suited for the desires of north county residents. Our plan is to introduce these new services at the end of this year.

PSTA staff will also be making presentations to as many civic, community, business, educational and religious groups as possible to tell people more about the new services and to give them an opportunity fill out surveys in person. To schedule a presentation, please call our Community Relations Manager Bob Lasher at (727) 540-1874.

Thanks for helping us create new service!

Your Editor,
Cyndi Raskin-Schmitt



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6 responses to “Live, work, or play in northern Pinellas County? Help us design new bus service!

  1. This is great. When will you do this for south county and the beaches?

  2. I don’t think there’s a similar service being planned for south county — there’s lots of great bus service in St. Pete. These Regional Connector Routes will help us add transit service to the north county area (think north of SR 580) where they have very little service right now.

    We are planning a system-wide service review though that will look at all of our routes to see where can make improvements!

    • Thanks for the prompt reply. By the way, LOVE the minibus idea. Any projections on carbon footprint reduction or cost savings available yet?

      • Since these are *new* services I don’t think we’d see any “savings” really. But once we get closer to launch, we’ll definitely share some info about how these vehicles compare to regular full-size buses.

  3. Joey

    Hey this sounds pretty cool I hope it works out for us… I live in the north part of the county right now and yes since there is not much bus coverage this would help out. Thanks.

  4. Fantastic! I live in Southwest-Central Clearwater, so I already have relatively good transit coverage(60 and 18). However, I do go up further north sometimes. This would be a great way to introduce more of North Pinellas to public transport. The advanced direct-to-doorstep is also a nice feature that I think will stir up interest and curiosity. I’m sure I will definitely get the chance to use the service though, too.

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