No losers here

You saw the winning photos last week (and clicked a lot, thanks!), now we’d like to share a few of the other great photos that were entered in our contest. There are no losers here: take a look and you’ll see why our judges had such a hard time choosing the top three!

“Modes of Transportation” by Angel Trueblood

“Bike Rack” by Angelina Wilcox

“Greetings from the Bus Driver” by Angelina Wilcox
(The driver is Eliseo Roman)

“Payment” by Brandon Jeffrey

“Green is the Cool Scene” by David Reed

“Route 66 Tarpon Springs” by David Reed

“Rainy Night Ride” by David Reed

“Here it comes” by Michelle Ann Pence

“Relax Here” by Michelle Ann Pence

“Stop Here” by Michelle Ann Pence

“My Time to Study” by Nick Stees

So, what do you think? Which is your favorite? One of the winners, or one of these outstanding non-winners?

Your Editor,
Cyndi Raskin-Schmitt



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2 responses to “No losers here

  1. betazed

    By far my favorite is “Rainy Night Ride” I didn’t think Central Plaza….er…Grand Central Station could look that nice!

  2. Route 66 Tarpon Springs by David Reed. I’m saving that as an addition to my windows 7 desktop themes. Nicely done

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