Tempering the high price of driving

It affects car dealerships, truckers, delivery companies, construction, oil reserves, tourism, and yes, even bus ridership. It’s the price of gas, and they say that this summer could be one for the record books. As the price of gas soars, we’ll see the price of food, clothing, and shampoo rise thanks to retailers trying to recoup the extra they’ll be paying for delivery. Theories abound about who is responsible for the pending price hikes. Regardless of who and what are to blame, every day people like you and I still have to figure out a way to make cuts in our personal budgets to pay for that food, clothing, and shampoo. 

ABC Action News ran a story that says the price we pay for transportation is now as high as we pay for housing – $13,800 for each per year. That “transportation” assumes that you’re driving a car and includes the cost of a car payment, insurance, and of course, gas. 

If you aren’t already using the bus, we know it’s not likely you’ll ditch your car completely and suddenly become a full time bus rider (though we’d LOVE it if you did!). That’s okay, you can still save by using the bus as little as one day a week. 

Let’s make some assumptions and do some math to see what kind of savings we’re talking about: 

A gallon of gas costs $4. Your gas tank holds 20 gallons. One tank of gas lasts you one week and you drive the same distance every day. How much do you spend each day for gas? And, if a one-day bus pass costs $4.50, how much gas money could you save by riding the bus one day a week? 

$4 gallon of gas times 20 gallons = $80 per tank of gas
That $80 tank of gas divided by 7 days in a week = $11.50 for gas per day
Therefore, $11.50 for one day’s gas minus a $4.50 bus pass = $7 savings

So, not even taking in account the wear and tear and mileage on your car, you could save $7 a day by riding the bus. If you save $7 in one day by not driving, and you do that one day per week, over the course of one year you could save… $364! That’ll buy a lot of food, clothes, and shampoo, my friends! 

Ready to temper the high price of driving, but not sure how to get started? Visit our website to learn How to Ride, or call the InfoLine at (727) 540-1900 and get assistance from our live, expert Customer Service Representatives. Then, be sure you check out our Real Time Bus Info system so you’ll know exactly what time the bus will arrive at your stop!

Your Editor,
Cyndi Raskin-Schmitt



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2 responses to “Tempering the high price of driving

  1. Susan Fetsch

    I use the family car 2 times a mo. To shop for large shopping, 5 days a week I ride the bus, I can not afford gac, tags, ins. Not to mention fixing a car, I am a happy girl ridding the bus I have a rain coat for those days, I will keep on the bus. Thank you PSTA.

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